The year when everyone wanted to play ‘Fortnite’ anywhere

‘ Fortnite ‘ is the biggest phenomenon in the world of videogames in 2018. Epic Games, through Twitch , YouTube and its crossplay policy has achieved that practically all of the population have some notions, however minimal, of their interpretation of the Battle Royale. Musicians like Drake , athletes like Antoine Griezmann or a large majority of youth influencers like ElRubius are crazy about ‘Fortnite’. Some signs that 2018 is the year in which Epic Games assaulted the mainstream sky . To understand the magnitude of Fortnite, it is enough to measure how much this term has been introduced in Google Spain compared to two of the biggest phenomena of this year in Spain , and specifically in two eminently mainstream areas such as film and television. According to Google Trends, the Battle Royale of Epic Games loses to Operación Triunfo during the final stretch of the last edition of the talent show and by a narrow margin to overlap with this year’s. Who can not with the videogame is ‘ Avengers: Infinity War ‘, the highest grossing movie of 2018 with more than 2,000 million dollars of revenue worldwide, which only approaches the game at the time of its premiere during the past month of April. Fortnite has more than 8 million active players, according to the latest information Beyond that interest of the population in ‘Fortnite’, what can encompass those who are not even going to download the game, the numbers of viewers of the game on Twitch are impressive. Gathering 3.3 million viewers live at their last event is not turkey moque; but the more than 8 million active users (data unveiled by the own Epic Games a month ago), is a number that speaks and very well of the fever for ‘Fortnite’. ‘Fortnite’ can even be a game changer . Since its release on PC, the game could only be downloaded and played through a proprietary Epic Games client. This implied that Valve and its Steam, the most important online video game store in the West, was without the phenomenon of the year. Not content with that, the parents of the Unreal Engine have proposed to unseat Steam from his golden throne with the Epic Games Store, a store of its own and with a better distribution of profits with the creators of video games. Carlos ” Potato ” Francés, professional player of ‘Fortnite’ for Team Queso, Antonio ” Reven ” Pino, former professional player of League of Legends and Sports Director of ASUS Rog Army, Álex Cánovas , partner of Vidaextra, and Ignacio Jiménez, Gaming Expert de Intel, were the four speakers who desgranaron the keys to a game that has dominated the video game industry during this 2018. There are many factors that have made ‘Fortnite’ the undisputed leader in both players and viewers through Twitch or YouTube. The most obvious is its Free to Play model accompanied by those Passes of Battle that encourage us to play even more than the flow would encourage us, accompanied by a philosophy based on the multiplatform game . “It’s the game that PS4 has sold the most this year, even though it’s free,” Reven said. We can also consider that it is not the only console that has helped sell, if we take into account that Fortnite has been downloaded in almost half of all the Nintendo Switch in the world. Precisely the construction has been object of reflection on the part of Sam Van Cise, a student of the reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Through a series of talks with players of the highest level as the Ninja himself and others with users of the base of the demographic pyramid of ‘Fortnite’, he concludes that this new mechanics makes the game “more accessible” that other competitive titles where your rivals can have years of experience and mastery with the targeted, the base of the shooting games, as in Counter Strike ” . Mark Darrah, executive producer of ‘Anthem’, the new from the creators of ‘Dragon Age’ or ‘Mass Effect’, values this type of story building as an anti-spoiler process in which the experience is shared instead of being reserved for yourself. These events are periodic notices that ‘Fortnite’ is still there, a whole playable, technical and marketing achievement . That huge number of players that has to face ‘Fortnite’, is a technological challenge for Epic Games according to Ignacio, but they still have another challenge ahead: “Technologically, it is very complex to maintain that structure of servers, but have done what they were asked in terms of game modes, reaching other platforms and democratizing the game.The evolution in the competitive plane will have to do with the technological adaptation at the level of ping and latency of the servers “.