PCI Express 5.0 arrives: the new standard promises to double the speed of PCI Express 4.0 to 32 GT / s

PCI-SIG has announced the new standard for data transfers between computer components. PCI Express 5.0 is a new version that arrives only 18 months after the previous version, but does so by doubling the maximum transfer speed. It will take a while to get to the products of the manufacturers, although we already have the final specifications.

The new PCIe 5.0 standard is built on top of PCIe 4.0 , this means that it is a kind of extension of 4.0 Reason that has also been released in just 18 months. One of the main features of PCI Express 5.0 is that it allows more speed per line, which translates into reducing the number of lanes to obtain the speeds we have in PCIe 3.0 or PCIe 4.0 for example.

Although the exact specifications are not public and are only distributed among the manufacturers that are part of the consortium, we do have some details to see above what PCIe 5.0 will allow. This is what PCI-SIG indicates:

What has not been referred to is the provisioning of energy for graphics cards. It is not known if the manufacturers will continue to have a maximum of 75 W through PCIe 5.0 or will have more.

It was in 2017 when PCIe 4.0 was announced and it is only now that the first computer components with this standard are arriving. Exactly AMD presented this week in Computex 2019 its PCIe 4.0 compatible components for the market. Meanwhile, PCI-SIG already goes through PCIe 5.0 officially.

John Hartshorne
Senior IT engineer by the UPM of training and technical editor by profession, I have been writing in print and online media since the late 90s.