Dell XPS 13 (9380): everything is better in a computer that finally has the webcam where it should always be

Dell has been successful for years with its Dell XPS 13, a model that is renewed year after year to fine-tune its features and design, but in this 2019 arrives what could be the best iteration of its history, the Dell XPS 13 (9380) .

It is not only for its new hardware, but for a differential element that Dell has finally put in place. The laptop’s webcam is finally at the top of the screen , thus abandoning that lower location that users never liked too much.

Dell XPS 13 Technical Sheet (9380)

In the technical sheet of the new models of Dell we have three different options for the screen, which can range from 4K touch to 1080p non-touch , which is the most appropriate if we want to maximize battery life.

The processors of the eighth generation Intel Core are protagonists, and it is interesting to find variants of 10 W of TDP in all cases: here Dell makes it clear that the bet loses something in power and gains in efficiency, something useful considering that the battery dwarfs and goes from 56 Whr of previous models to 52 Whr of this.

Be careful, because that battery is not replaceable by the user, a point against the reparability of the equipment. The repsonsables of Dell assure that the autonomy can arrive at 21 hours in the non-tactile Full HD model and the Core i5, although that figure seems especially optimistic.

The options of memory (up to 16 GB) and storage (up to 2 TB in SSD PCIe M.2 units) are outstanding, as is an option that Dell has not talked about too much: the combination of power button with fingerprint sensor fingerprint on some models, something that allows you to enjoy Windows Hello support for Windows authentication.

The connectivity is well served with the two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 interface and a third USB-C port with USB 3.1 interface, although here again we are missing a traditional USB port that is still used very frequently: perhaps Dell could have not left it behind at this time.

Blessed webcam in the top frame

The original Dell XPS 13 left us all surprised with that screen “InfinityEdge” almost without frames that would end up trending both in current laptops and mobile phones for some time. The problem with that screen is that the top frame was so small that it was not possible to integrate the webcam on top .

Successive iterations of this pure laptop did not change that position, although we did see how the camera was displaced to the center of that lower frame instead of being relegated to a corner. That did not improve the situation much, but everything has changed in this Dell XPS 13 (9380) .

With this new model everything changes, and it does so thanks to the small 2.25 mm camera that replaces the previous 7 mm module. Thanks to that size reduction Dell has been able to place that webcam in the top frame, which still remains as fine as ever.

For the rest, neither the design nor the construction have barely changed – it is slightly more compact and thinner – in a format that works and that has allowed Dell to stand as a clear reference in the pure notebook market.

There are some changes that polish that format, and for example the frames of 4 mm (23% thinner than those of the original XPS 13) allow to achieve an advantage of the front of 80.7% . Dell highlights the quality of the UHD / 4K screen, with an anti-reflective coating that means that although the screen is of the brightness type, there are no reflections and we can enjoy its 400 nits of brightness. That screen is protected by a Gorilla Glass 4 glass.

The novelty in this design is the use of a thermal insulation GORE signature that allows to reduce the temperature of the equipment and make it work faster for longer according to the managers of the firm.

Price and availability of the Dell XPS 13 (9380)

The new Dell XPS 13 (9380) will be available in the United States in February and will do so with starting prices of $ 899 . At the moment we do not know prices and availability in other countries, but we will update this information as soon as we have it.